Water Detection and Level Control

Preventing water damage

Preventing water damage completely is not always possible.... But with fast water detection, you can minimize water damage.

In many cases, water damage can already be prevented with a simple electronic water detector, which warns you as soon as a leak occurs or water penetrates somewhere.

The choice of the right sensor (detector) depends on the situation and is important for a fast and reliable water alarm.
Case: water detection in houseboat
Houseboats often have compartments that can leak. These can be permanently monitored against water flooding. For this purpose, each individual compartment is equipped with a water detection probe.

These sensors are connected to a 4-channel water detector with built-in buzzer. In case of an alarm, the corresponding LED light (on the front panel) shows where the leakage is located. Via a GSM detector, you can also automatically receive a water alarm notification on your phone.

Case: shutting off water supply in case of leakage

In a building with water-consuming appliances, one wants to prevent water damage due to leakage. To this end, water sensors were placed on the floor at various locations. A water detector with double switching contact in the meter cupboard monitors these sensors. As soon as at least one of the sensors gets wet, the water detector automatically cuts off the water supply.

For this purpose, valves (type NO) are inserted into the water supply. In most cases this is a solenoid valve with 3/4" or 1 inch connection. An important advantage of the water detector 2 relay is that one contact directly provides the supply voltage (230 V) to the valve. The other contact (de-energized) can act as input for a GSM detector, which sends an SMS message as soon as a leakage occurs.

Filling level monitoring of coolant

Photos courtesy of STT Products BV, Tolbert

Left: stainless steel water sensor signals maximum coolant level
Middle: water detector monitors the liquid level of 4 machining machines
Right: solenoid valve automatically closes water supply when flooding is imminent
Water detection prevents water damage
  • Technical room
  • Archive room
  • Air conditioning
  • Basement
  • Crawl space
  • Computer room
  • Cable duct
  • Climate ceiling
  • Data center
  • Boiler house
  • Server room
  • Production and storage
  • Sprinkler piping
  • Drip pans

Automatic level control for sustainable pond

Photos courtesy of Theetuin Landgoed Aldenhaeve

Inset left: level controller opens the supply valve as soon as water level is too low
Inset right: one of the two water sensors, mounted under the platform
(one sensor determines the minimum level and the other the highest water level)

This natural pond has no plastic liner. The water disappearing in the soil is automatically replenished from a spring. In this way a natural cycle is created, in which the water in the pond is always clean and clear.
Other water level applications
  • Aquarium
  • Koi pond
  • Swimming pool
  • Rainwater storage
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