Heat Trace Sealant (RTV 1.5 OZ/200+ Sealant, 40ml) R
Heat Trace Sealant (RTV 1.5 OZ/200+ Sealant, 40ml) R
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We as Dugoshop are now offering the Heat Trace sealant. Sealant is specifically designed for when using Heat Trace heaters, power boots and end seals.

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Product description  | heat-resistant

The Heat Trace sealant is used to seal, block or seal gaps between building materials to prevent fluids, air and pests from entering. This sealant can also be used to fill cracks in surfaces such as concrete, fiberglass and other hard building materials.

Application |  heat-resistant

For optimal use:
1.            Make sure surfaces are clean and grease-free.
2.            Full performance properties develop over a period of 24 hours.
3.            The hardening process starts as soon as the product is exposed to the environment.
4.            The pieces to be assembled should be paired within minutes of applying the adhesive.
5.            Excess material can be easily wiped away with the appropriate solvents.

Optimal storage: Store the product in an unopened container within a well-ventilated area of between 8-21 °C. Temperatures lower than 8 °C or temperatures above 28 °C may adversely affect product properties.

Silicone sealant specifications |  heat-resistant
  • Content: 40 ml / 42 g
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Low odour
  • Working temperature: -60 degrees to +250 degrees
  • Non-corrosive

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