Pool Level Control - WPS 5000 Pool Level Control - WPS 5000 Pool Level Control - WPS 5000 Pool Level Control - WPS 5000 Pool Level Control - WPS 5000
Pool Level Control - WPS 5000 Pool Level Control - WPS 5000 Pool Level Control - WPS 5000 Pool Level Control - WPS 5000 Pool Level Control - WPS 5000
Pool Level Control - WPS 5000
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Menu-controlled sensitivity, timing and switching functions

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Product Description

Programmable pool level control with 230 volt output. Choice of various water sensors, or a plastic float with 10 meter connection cable.

For the sensor it makes no difference whether the water basin is metal, plastic or concrete. Examples: swimming pool, well, basement, pond, aquarium, tank, rainwater storage.


Level control with one sensor

Thanks to smart electronics, this control needs only one sensor. On the front panel of the pool level controller is screw plug for easy connection of the matching 2-wire water sensor or float. See selection bar Sensor version.

After water has been detected by the float/sensor, a message follows and 230 Volt mains voltage becomes available at the built-in socket. A pump or solenoid valve can be connected to this.

Level control with many functions

  • For filling and emptying
  • Level and/or time controlled
  • Water sensor or float switch
  • Switching on or off 230 Volt

Menu driven pool control

Using the selection menu, enter four parameters to completely customize the control to your needs.
  1. FUNC: value 1 = switch-on delay | value 2 = switch-off delay.
  2. SEnS: sensitivity of the water sensor, prevents too slow or too fast reaction.
  3. dEL: switch-on delay/switch-off delay, adjustable in steps, from 1 sec to 2.8 hours.
  4. rEL: switching function of the output, 230 Volt ON or OFF (for switching on or off).

Simple status check with lights

LED green: sensor detects water
LED-red: programming mode (menu)
LED yellow: relay is on

Setting is easy with 2 push buttons for increasing and decreasing the respective parameter. You do this for each of the four steps.

Tip: first try the menu functions to familiarize yourself with the control before installing it. With a saucer of water you can easily test the reaction of the control to a wet sensor.

Output for 230V mains power

The built-in, grounded outlet can control a pump or water valve or an alarm signal. This level control is universal and usable for both refilling and draining. Also for applications other than swimming pools.

The setting options allow you to adapt it to your specific application. For example prevention of false alarm and protection against dry-running of a pump.


  • Connection voltage: 230 Volt
  • Connected load: 2,500 W
  • Power consumption: 3.5 W
  • Operation: 3 push buttons
  • Indicator lights: 3x LED
  • Display: LED red/ 12,7 mm
  • Internal acoustic alarm: no
  • Power cord: approx. 1.6 m long
  • Plug: rim- & pin-earth
  • Socket: rim-earth
  • Switch-on time: 1...9999 sec
  • Switch-off time: 1...9999 sec
  • Sensor: 2 electrodes 25 mm *)
  • Input: 2-wire screw terminal
  • Sensor sensitivity: 10...200 kΩ
  • Dimensions: 160 x 80 x 60 mm
  • Weight incl. power cord: 620 g
  • Operating temperature: -15...+ 40 ºC
  • Mounting material: included
  • Safety class: IP20
  • Manual: English+German
  • Quality mark: CE
*) Delivery includes water sensor with 10 m or 30 m cable + corresponding plastic mounting bracket or stainless steel or plastic float with mounting bracket.

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